motherhood right now...


motherhood right now means long days and short nights. rushed mornings and tired nights. in short not much has changed! well, ok a few things to note...


1. max still asks me if i am his friend literally every minute we are together. i am not even exaggerating. he makes this inquiry so often i dare not mess with him and say nope, totally not your friend. though he has no problem rescinding our friendship the minute i ask him to do something he doesn't like. and in a few years i just won't understand, right? kids man.

2. max has started telling me that he misses me during the day (!) and that blue is his favorite color. he also finally agreed to learn how to pedal. FINALLY. his favorite show is power rangers megaforce specifically. don't even try mighty morphin whatever. not the same at all apparently. he has proclaimed himself the red power ranger and knox says he's pink! right on!

3. max has started telling jokes and man this kid just got ten times more funny like i didn't even know how that could be possible.

4. motherhood and beer has started to make me chubby. working on this ASAP. feel free to tell me how not chubby i am.


5. josh and i continue to deal with my motherhood struggles. his patience is greatly appreciated but i am encouraging more flowers and GF/V cookies as support, too.


6. knox is almost 3 and i'm like how is this happening and also so excited because 3 is my favorite and should really last like 5 years.


7. i cut my bangs again because have you even seen jessical biel lately? who gets that much hotter AFTER having kids? she did and i am quick to copy her.


8. oh motherhood right now... slow down please! give me more time to read books and pick flowers and chase the light and our dreams and eat ice cream and make play dates and... everything.

ok, maybe less beer and cookies.



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