38. hmmm. 38. rhyms with great! 3 is my favorite number and age. 8 is a unique number made of two circles and my favorite number to write. I only even have a favorite number to write because of a previous job in which i had to beautifully execute a series of numbers daily and 8 was well, 8 was the greatest though i do credit this to its ease in consistency.

all this to really say that today i am 38 years old. ok, cool. so to celebrate this today i will...

ride my bike to lunch.

i will get my favorite drink from starbucks twice - a triple short soy latte im the AM and a venti iced green tea in the afternoon.

today i will try to remember what i did last year for my birthday (blogging is the best medicine for a failing memory btw).

and then some mushy stuff...

today i will thank my friends for wishing me the best.

i will be thankful for the life i have had and the memories i have yet to make.

today i will swim in a pool of memories and hopefully dine on a birthday treat before my day sets. 


happy birthday to me!



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