blissed out


this morning i took my fourth yoga class in 5 days and let me tell you i not only feel #blessed but also #BLISSED AF. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED RN. a bit of bliss. a bit of spoiling myself in endless mountain poses, flickering candles cozying up an already warm room and cucumber jasmine scented towels. i needed to be reunited with my former self. that girl who had time for daily workouts and SAVASANA. 

and abs who am i kidding. 

it may be a lost cause for abs (SIGH) but it was nice to hang out myself again. man i miss this life so much sometimes. waking up before anyone else. sweating. sighing my biggest ahhhhhhhhh. 

but would i trade it for what i have now? nope. nope. nope. what i have now is everything i worked so hard for - two beautiful little people and adoring husband + best friend. this is SAVASANAA. 

still miss those abs though. maybe we can hang out again sometime. 


have a great long weekend guys!



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