jumpsuit goals


so i was trolling zara when i saw this jumpsuit and knew i had to have it. or as max says, i needed it. badly. this happens a lot. well, apparently a lot of other people felt the same way about it because only a size xs was available. this also happens a lot. xs also used to be my size and sometimes it still is. so i took a chance...


three days later it came. and it fit! i mean it was snug for sure but the zipper went up, i could move, and most importantly, breath.

i'm only writing about this because i know a month ago it would not have fit. a month ago i probably would have split the crotch after one squat and beat myself up about it. a month ago i knew i had gained a few pounds and they had overstayed their welcome. so i made a few changes. not major ones but effective and i knew i could commit to. did that pique your curiosity? thought so. here's a run down:

1. replaced starches with green vegetables and carrots. i was eating like a pound of potatoes a day. i know! but have you had them roasted with olive oil and lemon? so good. alas, not doing me any favors in the jumpsuit department so i subbed the potatoes for squash, cauliflower and brussel spouts. in just a few days i could already tell a diff. i know! that was pretty easy actually. after i convinced myself to like squash.

2. cut avocados in half. i was eating a whole avocado a day. because they are amazing. UGH. it's called restraint people. 

3. stopped drinking beer completely. I KNOW. that was a tough one.

4. switched from goddess or vegan ranch dressing to a blend of tahini, dijon mustard, rice vinegar + lemon for my daily salad. also, added snap peas and peperoncini to the mix. delightful!  

5. amped up my workouts. you know how they say a workout is as hard as you make it? i made it harder. i went from 3 to 5 pound weights. i ran faster. i make sure to get a sweat on. WERQ IT basically.

6. i started doing yoga again. one class a week and at home after the kids go to bed. namaste for life!

7. drinking green tea in the afternoon. i've found this to really help keep me from snacking out of boredom. and it's growing on me. it will never replace coffee though. never. 


and that's it. 


the progress has been slow but steady. and totally worth it if the jumpsuit fits right? i think so! but that's just me. and tbh i wasn't unhappy with my body before. i knew i looked fine... but i also knew i could be better. not for anyone else. just me. 

and the jumpsuit. 



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