make a wish...


two days shy of maxwell's birthday his nana surprised him with an early birthday cake. because nana's do stuff like that. the boys and i were playing race cars in her living room when the lights went out and a 7-layer tort with four lit candles and the name "maxwell" on it presented itself to my then almost four-year-old. his smile was indescribable. he was BEAMING. it was finally his turn. all the other birthdays all year long. now, two days early, now was the time. before he blew out his candles he asked, "is this... for ME?!!" nana said yes. then i said, "blow! and don't forget to make a wish!" two big puffs later he had done it. the candles were out and he looked very proud of himself. knox may have totally helped.

last night as i tucked max into bed we talked about his birthday. we talked about the cars nana gave him. we talked about how it was NOT sebastian's birthday (his friend from school). we talked about how daddy's birthday is OVER. he asked me if i was his friend. he asks me that about 20 times a day. idk the kid needs reassurance? anyway, before i gave him final kiss goodnight i asked what he had wished for when he blew the candles on his birthday cake out. 

he wished for a few things.

1. cupcakes

2. more cupcakes

3. more birthdays

4. and to be my friend.

well, max i must say you have absolutely made my biggest wish come true. getting to be you and knox's mama feels like it's my birthday everyday. happy birthday maxwell!  


your friend + mama

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