ugh ok i guess it's finally fall + happy weekend


so i really hate writing posts about fall. i mean whoop. dee. doo. it is now technically fall. but not really. because fall is a sham. no seriously. the MINUTE the city decides to get its metrological act together we get hit with a heatwave. plus, writing about the fact that it's either here or not is a pretty saturated market. like if i see one more pumpkin in my IG feed imma start doing some fall follow cleaning. and don't even get me started on apple picking.

oh who am i kidding! i'll be inundating your stream with the bulbous icon of autumn soon after our impending trip to the underwood farms fall harvest festival! i had my bets on a continuing streak of fall in summer clothing until then. but three things happened this week that made me think that perhaps the new season is upon us after all. 

1! on our way to school earlier this week max shivered and said, "mama i cold. too cold ma-ma! i want me red jacket!" UGH. i have to worry about a second layer already? FML. time to label all the school sweaters and jackets and add ten minutes to my morning routine.

2! i bought a sweater. it came in the mail a few days later and i was ready to wear it. 

3! i have stopped adding ice cubes to my red wine. 

so ugh. yea. it's fall guys. pack away the linens. anything with a pom pom. buh-bye tanned arms. say hello to jewel tones and earthy neutrals. heavy knits and tweed. BOOTS. knee socks. BEANIES.

i'll be back to discuss the ongoing state of delayed transition further next week. so much to say in so little time. ugh fall, you may be a sham but you are also awesome. so awesome we can't stop talking about you. 

 also, not smiling is hard.


that's a better!


ugh, yea. i should stick to smiling.

have a happy turtleneck kinda weekend!



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