the morning hustle


when it comes to getting shoes on little boys practice does not make perfect. despite how many pairs you've logged. doesn't matter. it requires an inane combination of timing, approach and plain old luck. everyday is different. some days they get their own shoes and gently lean on me for support as i slide them on and others they are kicking and screaming for me to "stop mama!" 

this unpredictable scenario has not wavered much in the past three years i've spent trying perfecting it, which sucks because it can take up a considerable part of my morning. mornings at my house are a hustle. the morning hustle to get everyone where they need to be on time. the crazy first shift of the day where every minute counts and multi tasking is on overdrive. the struggle is indeed real. and then well, there's THE REST OF THE DAY. yea, i had to break it down for you guys just to remind myself why exactly it is i'm so tired all of the time. 

6:00AM: roll over, look at the clock. GROAN. check IG.

6:15AM: make the bed

6:20AM: hope the babes stay asleep long enough to get pretty.

6:21AM: nope: knox is awake.

6:23AM: carry knox to the living room. hand him a banana and let him watch whatever he wants until max gets up. usually toy story or the graffalo.

6:24AM: finish getting pretty

6:30AM: DRINK coffee. who the hell has time to drink coffee first?

6:45AM: wake up max if he hasn't woken up on his own. this is TRICKY.


7:10AM-7:30AM: dress the boys. bribery may be involved because did i mention shoes are an issue? i sure did.

7:35AM: say bye to the cats and leave for school

7:45AM: preschool drop-off! BYE-EEE

7:45AM-8:15AM: traffic + KCRW radio for 15 minutes then my discover weekly playlist on spotify.

8:30AM-5:00PM: werq werq werq.

5:00PM-5:30PM: traffic + call josh from my car.

5:30PM-5:40PM: pick up the kiddos.

5:50PM-6:30PM: playtime!

6:30-7:00: time for bubbles!

7:00-7:45: dinner!

7:45-8:30: tv, lego building, traintrack designing, corloring, reading, ect.

8:30PM: boys are off to bed. goodnight!

8:35PM-? BLOG


so that's my weekday. anything like yours? 



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