a farmer's market, a bike ride + a taste of fall


happy wednesday friends! i sure hope you're not sick of seeing cheeks on bikes yet...


because it's kind of our thing! all families have a 'thing' right? when i was a kid growing up, we were beach people. any chance we could get we were out there, taking in the salty air and soaking up the sun. maybe it's because we're from an island and we just can't stay away from the coast for long. whatever the reason it was OUR THING. my favorite trips were when we went after school, on a weekday. we'd stay stay late, well past sunset. body surfing with my dad, hunting for shells and eating chips as i dug my toes in the sand were some of the best times of my life. and on a SCHOOL NIGHT no less. that made it feel like everyday life, like we lived at the beach and this was all normal. not that we made the twenty minute trek from our lower middle class suburban wasteland. yea, it was nice to forget all that and live my dream of being a beach girl. i begged my parents all of the time to move but i just didn't really understand that we just didn't have the money. i get it now. boy do i get it now.

i'm all grown up now (?!) and have my own little family that for sure loves the beach, too. but family bike rides are our FAVE. the boys may even love it more than josh and me. and like the beach, i never take for granted every ride. i know they won't always be small enough to ride on our bikes. eventually they will be on their own little rides, which honestly scares the f out of me. i am so not ready. and you know what, i don't think they are either. my boys are growing, they are strong and adapt well. but like their mama, they are in no hurry to ride on their own yet.

so anyway, us bike people had ourselves a merry little ride to the beverly hills farmer's market and lunch at west hollywood park. because parks are our thing, too. 


now that tourist season is over for the most part, we decided to ride through beverly gardens park on our way to the farmer's market. it can get really crowded, especially by the fountain and the beverly hills sign. but it was perfect. i even managed to take a few photos and not fall off my bike!


our favorite vendor is hands down dave's vegan korean bbq. i highly recommend the bbq tofu and spicy daikon. seriously. try it immediately.


when you lose your binkie...


buzz knows how to pick 'em! that's why we bring him EVERYWHERE. 


i always think i'll get to the farmer's market and experiment, try something i can't just as easily get at trader joe's. but nope. plums and apples for always. 


yuck. kettle corn. i know i'm in the minority here but i can't stand the stuff. still ate like 10 pieces though. i mean it was staring right at me. 


PS! we haven't been back here since max was an itty bitty baby! 


so not a baby anymore. 


or knox for that matter! still wants to be held ALL THE TIME THOUGH. last night i made dinner with him on my hip. #momlife


all loaded up and ready for a calm picnic at the park! right. spoiler alert. it was not calm. but one can dream right? 


on our way!


sometimes you just go for the arial shot + cross your fingers. actually, i really love this shot. it's the perfect reflection of my life: a little bit chaos, lots of color + aiming for the best.


at the park! shoes optional apparently. 


oh hey fall! nice of you to show up then hit us with a heatwave the rest of the week. fall in LA is a bit of sham. 


waiting for it...


knox tried the big kid swings! he's not sold but also didn't fall off. so there you go. 


sham or not, i gotta admit. the fall we do get looks good on these kiddos. 


after the park we took my favorite route home. if you want to know it's about a mile stretch via rosewood street from san vicente to fairfax. it's one of those quaint streets just a tad wider than an alley. each home is unique and you can tell people really love living there. if you're ever in west hollywood you gotta do it. on a bike. because that's a very good thing.



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