what i miss about being pregnant.


being pregnant in heels. yes, seriously. nothing too crazy. but an extra two inch lift did wonders for my confidence. when my body felt out of my control a kitten heel did the trick.

the anticipation. i literally did not talk about anything else for the entire 9 months.

picking a name. this one may have been my favorite. maxwell was almost a marcel or benjamin! knox was always knox. because knox. but brainstorming, playing with initials and trolling top 100 name lists was really fun.

then proceeding to doodle baby's chosen name a million times.

me time. a distant memory...

nesting. actually, i think i still do this!

taking it easy. for twice in my life i finally slowed down. literally, by 6 months i was waddling.

smiling at people and having them smile back. even the grouchiest frowns were turned upside-down. i was delivering more than just a baby, but also lots of smiles! these days it's about 50/50, which makes me sad. but at the same time i get it. i have days when i struggle and forget to smile and there isn't a pregnant lady in sight!

ultrasounds. just incredible. i don't miss that cold jelly though. or the diabetes test. THAT JUICE. never again.

the glow. i'm not positive i did radiate some impending motherhood hue, but i sure felt it from within. my growing babies shining right through me, more and more each day.

then again, i still have that last one don't i?








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