little walks...


so remember a few months ago i went on a bit about how walking with toddlers isn't really walking? well, not much has changed. we are still mostly stopping every five seconds to inspect a leaf or squat to pick up a pebble. because you know, MY KIDS ARE TODDLERS. what do i expect?

well, i expect a little more. a bit more momentum and continuous motion in the same direction. because frankly, i am going a bit nuts here. i am all for stopping to smell the roses but walking with toddlers is more like getting lost and realizing you have been driving for the past twenty minutes in the wrong direction. it can be frustrating. and i've had enough. because i really like to walk. i would like to do more of it. is this asking for too much? a simple stroll, from one point to another without a ridiculous amount of backpedaling and stopping?

i don't think it's too much to ask though i can't expect a complete turnover in behavior overnight. so we just need a little practice! now, i know this is gonna sound ridiculous, but i have started literally walking my kids. a training walk if you will, only they don't know that (don't tell them!) on these little walks, as i like to call them, we have a destination, a goal and some ground rules. i make a big deal about how we have somewhere important we need to get to (like home in time for dinner!), insist on lots of talking on our way there to boost our vocabulary and in my nicest/stern mom-voice implore that  please, please, pretty please stay close together. and don't forget to hold hands when we cross the street!

it's kind of a lot when you break it down. plus, walking in our neighborhood has added challenges. there is lots of busy traffic, crazy LA drivers and crazy people in general. there's also lots of eye-catching store fronts and colorful murals all about, adding to their already high levels of distraction. i feel like i can't even blink lest something real bad happen. that all said, our first little walk home from school the other day was pretty great. though i may have screamed a handful of times. and i even managed to take some photos!


as i mentioned before, there is an abundance of street art and murals everywhere. it's one of the best parts of living in my neighborhood. it's vibrant and alive. sure, stopping to admire the larger-than-life graffiti may slow us down but they also give the boys motive to head forth, see what's next.


the boys can spot a pair of mickey mouse ears from a block away. they are pretty obsessed. 


peek-a-boo is knox's favorite game right now. i love how toddlers are the worst at hiding. 


someone painted their door for halloween! 


i let max decide which zig we would zag...


but in the end we followed knox. because knox.


half a block later...

we had to stop to rebuild his three piece airplane. the kid has his priorities in check. 


more aerial chaos. really enjoying this type of frame so consider yourself warned.


we did not venture down any of the alleys because i am not an idiot. 


we love finding the moon. knox has even started howling at it! no idea where that came from but I love it!


after 6 blocks, two rounds of fire truck sirens and four terrified pleas to WAIT! we reached our street. "we made it!" i exclaimed. we gave each other a round of high-fives and laughed. since we were pretty much home i let the boys play. they jumped off ledges, ran in circles, inspected fallen leaves while a flock of birds danced above us for what felt like forever. the sun had set and the evening took on a rosey hue before fading to black. it was so damn beautiful. i took it all in. holding on to it. giving it a big squeeze.

thanks for the walk boys. i sure needed it. looking forward many more of our little walks in the years to come.



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