little walks part two + happy weekend


i am happy to report that my little walks with maxwell + knox are moving along quite well. they still stop more than i would like but we are at least moving forward, unless they break into an impromptu game of hide-and-seek, which in that case, well that's ok. this batch of photos is from our walk home from school last friday afternoon. seeing as this was basically what my friday night was going to consist of, i turned it up a notch. i wore a high-wasted denim skirt and broke out my new sunnies. i was feelin' good.


even though it was like 90 degrees out that day max insisted on wearing his hoodie. he finally came to his senses two blocks later. 


we always stop somewhere along the way to take a few pictures for josh when he can't join us. hi josh! look at the great mommying happening here!


lol knox in his t-shirt dress. it was show your spirit day but their school only carries their logo shirts in one size, and it's not one size fits all. thanks for being a sport about it knox!


and now this! man, i really love this picture. it's what our walks are really all about. their interactions with the environment. watching them be brothers and pals. the best part of our walks is when this happens. we don't have outdoor space of our own so i truly appreciate the way the boys make the neighborhood their backyard. this patch of grass was about 12 feet from fairfax avenue but you wouldn't know it for how long they ran around, chasing each other, looking for bugs. it even had a picket fence!


since we were having so much fun i added on a few blocks to our walk, which only bit me in the butt when max proclaimed he had to go number two when we were four blocks from home. this is when i taught him the phrase 'hold it' as we booked it home. 

we almost made it. 

have a great weekend guys!



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