on being the only girl part 2: a little letter


dear maxwell + knox,

being the only girl in this family means lots of trips to the ladies room with you. i want you to know this is a sacred place and is, for the most part, GIRLS ONLY. but for now you are allowed access. my plus two's. this is where you will learn what being a woman is like when the world isn't watching. 

this is where you will have to be patient as i reapply my lipstick. then fluff my hair...

bare with me while i scrutinize my outfit...

excidedly text a friend back...

and take a photo of our reflection in the mirror. because dammit we look cute. 

when it's crowded, i seat you on the counter next to the sink, as not to be trampled by the flock of females as we do our thing. for once you both sit still, perched and alert. curiously watching us as we check our bums and adjust our bra straps, perhaps taking subconscious notes and tucking them away for later use. my little undercover detectives. spying on us until you get older and it's like, weird. 

for now it's not weird. it's cute. women flash smiles our way and we gingerly give them right back. there is also something really fun about taking my little men into a woman's world of tampon dispensers and closed bathroom stalls. so i have to wonder, would trips to the ladies room be all that different with daughters? probably? victoria's secret? absolutely. 

to be further continued...



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