happy halloween!


i don't know much about comics. i mix up dc and marvel heroes based on who should be friends with whom. but when you have a family of super hero aficionados, you try your best to get it right. and when your oldest son says he wants to be batman for halloween, you make it happen. max also declared that knox had to be robin, because of course! knox was fine with that arrangement so long as he got a cape and a set of pecs out of it. DONE. 


and can i just say, it was nice having someone else make the decisions around here! i had hopes for us to be the cast of fantasy island (hello, josh + knox in matching white suits would be epic) but i am happy i let max call the shots. people called the boys batman + robin all day and you could tell THAT WAS A BIG DEAL. 

 oh and can you tell who josh is dressed up as? nope. not the oswald chesterfield cobble pot, aka the penguin. yea, i totally looked that one up.

happy halloween guys!


Sonia Cheek3 Comments