what i wore: the wedding edition!


i really love clothes. maybe too much? nah! that's crazy talk.

i do wish i didn't agonize over every outfit, especially for a trip to the playground or trader joe's. but i do. i just do! i have come to rely on my style to convey who i am when words fail me. let the clothes do the talking hails the introvert in me!

before i had kids this was well and good. i had loads of time to roam vintage shops, compare online carts and switch purses more than once a month (anyone else guilty of that last one?!) these days my time is a lot more limited. i also need my outfits to accomplish the impossible. ideally, i need it to be comfortable, yet stylish. original but not too try-hard. and can it also be considered activewear because you will be doing a lot of bending over, lunging, running, etcetera. this task can make deciding what to wear stressful. i do a lot of pre-planning, which really helps. wish i could say the same about meal planning? don't hold your breath waiting for a post on that

for my latest style challenge i had to pick a wedding outfit! my strategy was to find a heavily patterned dress. why? to hide inevitable stains of course! you can't see tell in the photo but the left side of my dress was covered in pen scribble from knox. the dress also had to be wrinkle-free. this was actually pretty easy considering all the polyester happening these days. i bought and returned three dresses before settling on this one as it was also a good length and easy to move in. once i picked out a dress i just had to find a low heel to match. i found a blush pair from asos that was comfortable enough. with makeup i was pretty basic except for my lip color. i went with a bright pink shade that is green in the tube but changes color once applied. like magic! (tip, don't apply too much it is semi-permanent!) lastly, i styled my hair with a feminine hair accessory. i don't know why really. it just seemed very wedding?

as the boys get older i can up the maintenance on my semi-formal wear. but for now, this look worked out perfectly. and maybe you found this helpful? i hope so! details on what i wore below. 



THE DRESS: asos // THE HAIR ACCESSORY: again with the asos // A BIT OF MAGIC: barry m genie color change lipstick // SHOES: sold out. but asos. and similar here.

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