little walks: halloween edition!


this little walk was a lot different than usual. for one, josh got off early enough from work to join us. yay! secondly, it was halloween! since the holiday fell on a monday this year, and the boys didn't seem too keen on knocking on doors for candy (give 'em time), i thought it made complete sense to turn our little 20-30 minute walk home from school into a three-hour adventure via the west hollywood halloween carnival.

i know. i don't know what was i thinking either. i may still be recovering from it.


so far our route has been to start walking south on fairfax and veer through the neighborhood. this time we marched north toward santa monica. a block in i was already so thankful i had another pair of hands and eyes on deck. my original plan was to take the stroller, which we realized had a flat on our way out the door. yes, that actually happens and it's kind of the worst. we decided to just go with out it, carrying the boys if need be. and they sure needed be. no way i could have done that alone. it was hard enough with the two of us. 

like i said, still recovering.


if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen us dressed up as batman, robin, catwoman + alfred for halloween. we had a blast playing out maxwell's favorite heroes, lol. but they didn't quite make it to the walk. we let max wear his cape, sans pecs and belt, but knox's robin costume had to be retired if he was going to wear it next year, which i 100% anticipate. plus, there was no way i could police the boys from walking into danger partially blinded by my catwoman mask. but i still wanted to be in some sort of costume no matter how basic. maxwell wore a batman sweater with the cape and looked AWESOME. i ended up just wearing a fox mask on my forehead under a knit beanie. i tried to pass knox off as a werewolf in wolf pants and wolf mask but josh ended up wearing the mask and you know what WHATEVER. we looked cute regardless. also, posed family pictures are like never going to happen i'm thinking. but i love these all the same. maybe even more.


the boys love pointing out all the pumpkins this season. our neighborhood was pretty lacking in the decoration department but all the main drag bodegas and shops were pretty decked out.


who even knows how many lollipops this kid had that day. i tried not to think about it.


actually, this was not so atypical attire for us. 


ten minutes into our walk they had eaten all of the candy they scored that day at school. 


and then ten minutes later the sugar high kicked in. not for josh and me since we didn't have any. hindsight i really should have snagged a snickers.

still, so tired.


and we finally made it to the CARNIVAL! oh the carnival. i remember coming here the very first night i moved to LA. yes it was on halloween! just like this night, we walked there from OUR apartment, dismissing how long it would take and doing it anyway. we did that every year until we had max. but it was only a matter of time before we brought the kids along, early before the crazy happens, ie NAKED PEOPLE.

those were the days.


i tried not to think about how far we had to walk home once it started to get late. besides, check out the muscles on this kid. we would be just fine. 


still. so. very. tired.  



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