think pink!


on a quick jaunt for coffee last week, i came across this awesome pair of no-name, cheapie pink sunglasses that, no joke, changed my whole week. mondays are always tough but this one was particularly AWFUL what with the rude time change and all (sunday doesn’t count!). maxwell woke up at 4:22 a.m. that morning, which is even more impolite because his normal wake up time is 6:30 a.m., meaning he should have woken up at 5:30 a.m., had he gotten the same memo the rest of us did. he totally didn’t get that memo.

he never does.

i hate you time change!

by tuesday, i felt like the crankiest woman alive and was beginning to get on my own nerves. i tried to snap out of it, resigning myself to what this was. just a few bad days in between lots of good ones. then promptly treated myself to a triple short soy latte and the pink shades. because this is what you do when you need a pick me up. call it coffee + retail + hue therapy. ooh, i like that.

now many of us have come to count on caffeine and shopping to make ourselves feel better. but the pink thing… well that makes for my own special blend of feel good. pink and i have a good thing going on. pink makes my skin glow. and when i think pink, i think happy thoughts... like ballerinas in poufy tutus. rosey cheeks. bubblegum. and poodles. when i think pink, i think pretty. and lately i want to be pretty in pink all the time. pink has a way of making me bashful, yet sensual… preppy or punk. i exude confidence but still feel demure. you see, i have this thing with pink to where i can be anything i want to be when i put it on. and with those pink shades shielding me from the crappiness of the day, i felt like i could do anything. like i could conquer the world. or the rest of the week. so on that note, i have adapted my fall/winter color story (yes i have one don’t you?) to make room for more pink prowess.

and now a few of my favorite pink things!

>> life changing pink sunglasses. mine are vintage from popkiller but similar pairs here here and here.

>> the prettiest tissue-thin turtleneck sweater.

>> the just throw this on over your t-shirt-and-jeans cardigan. add a hat and some comfy booties. try not to sleep in it like i always do.  :->

>> the sweetest statement coat!

>> a breath of fresh pink! for your feet!

>> gimme this pink purse! and backpack!

>> almost too cute, like kick-me cute, barrettes.

>> le pink tutu.

>> and finally a pink poodle. there is so much i love about this.

ok time change. you’re not all that bad since you reminded me how much i love pink! think pink my sunshines! i'm out.

p.s. for more color + clothing inspiration (ha!) check out my shop page! do you know how fun it is curating your own shop page? very. also, previous fashion and makeup posts here and here!

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