fall hit list!

oh hi fall! i see you! can you hear me? i think you can. so listen up. i have been dreaming of my fall wardrobe and am ready to wear it. please continue to show your neutral colors and milder temps, eh? and now, before fall is gone, here's what you may see me in this season...

1. blush tones. pretty obvious.

2. textiles. aka entire ace&jig winter line. everything is so good. managed to get this dress and top on sale. there is a god.

3. suede jackets. i always admired this suede trucker jacket josh picked up at the jet rag dollar sale. yes you heard me. anyway,  i need one. or three in various colors. sadly, and to no one's surprise, none cost just one dollar but quite a few dollars. however! i consider these staple pieces that can last many years. so that validates it, right? i am really loving this one, this one and this one almost made me pass out.

4. flowy dresses and shirts. for the longest time i felt that flowy pieces overwhelmed my small frame. but i was wrong. they are beyond feminine and comfortable. styled right, they can give you that effortlessly cool look we all try too hard to achieve. except apparently the french. they always wake up like that. a few of my faves are herehere, here and here.

5. booties & clogs. always a must. and i really want to make the sock + clog look happen... latest acquisition here. and really want these next.

6. hats. because i'm a hat person! baseball and fedoras in particular. really feeling this, this, and this. ugh and for some reason this, which falls into neither preferred category. i mean how could i not... or how could i? you can tell me :->

7. sweater jackets. the chunkier the better. gimme this, that and this one too, please!

8. coats that may be too big for me but I don't care. petites be damned! this and this.

9. and a backpack for all my crap. this one will do quite nicely.

happy fall dressing! i'm out!

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