a bike post!

people always ask you the same questions when you're pregnant. and having two back to back this i KNOW. there's the how are you feeling? are you going to have more (one is apparently NEVER enough)? when are you going to have more (dayum can i see how baby #1 and i get along first)? who's the father? jk. JK! (ed. note: funny? remains to be seen) then nobody's favorite. can i feel your belly? surrrre, i guess. you already are anyway! i mean ok i didn't mind that sooo much. i kinda really loved the way my bump + waddle made people happy. frowns turned up-side down. lots of thumbs up and "you look amazing!" came my way. yea. people just love a pregnant lady. and i did not take it for granted. i knew once that baby came out he would get all the attention, i'd look like hell for a few weeks, and my hormones would turn on me yet again like f* this please stop having babies... ppd is REAL YO.

yes this is a bike post.

here it begins with the question i loved to get: what part of being a mama do you look forward to the most? answer: riding bikes together. really? why? because bikes are awesome. duh. and for real, how ridiculously cute is it seeing a kid on a bike. ok llamas. and puppies. but kid on a bike is up there. knowing the days of family bike rides would eventually come got me through the newborn phase, a super hard time for a restless person like myself. at times it felt like it would never end. let's just say i survived.

both maxwell + knox have been able to accompany josh and me on rides for the past few months, and while parts of it can be a burden, it is pretty much the best thing ever.

a few more reasons why.

1. no car seats. amiright?

2. no stroller. liberate yo self! f* your buggaboo. jk. f* your uppababy. ok, that was harsh. i actually love my stroller a lot and the concept of going anywhere without it is still slightly terrifying. but if you've planned it well no one will die and good times will be had by all. trust me!

3. bike naps. i know. what the wha? but both my kids nap during bike rides. it's weird and sweet at the same time. also, watching them wake up with that wtf where am i look is the best. does anyone else like laughing at kids as much as we do? yea, i thought so.

4. i do believe it's good for the environment y'all.

5. bonding! the moments you share with a kid on a bike are pretty special. watching them "oooh" and point at passer-things. ringing the bike bell. we are all kinds of obnoxious with the bell.

6. six... six... six! because i love to ride. cruising around, nodding at fellow riders, making people smile as we whiz by... it makes me happy. and man, driving is so meh. especially in la. hashtag traffic. and we can be so mean to one another in our cars. in our cars we honk. on our bikes we dingI when i drive i just hope i get to where i am going fast. on a bike it's the journey as well as the destination. taking the long way. pointing and squealing at things as we go. a part of me will be so sad when maxwell and knox outgrow their bike seats and pedal their own wheels. the other part will be saying hell yes. let's ride. ding!


7. and, finally, my little ones on a bike... well they just don't come cuter. check out knox in his bike seat for the first time almost 8 months ago... that face... those eyes... his slight look of worry but at the same time so down for it... my heart gets all squishy... man time flies when you're having fun on a bike :->

and that's the end of this bike post. but if you have any questions feel free to comment below! and we're out (probably riding)!

oh yes, p.s. my bike is by public bikes. josh rides a linus. both bike seats are by ibert.

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