lipstick + me: a love story

lipstick and me making beautiful lips together. wearing ruby woo by mac.

lipstick and me making beautiful lips together. wearing ruby woo by mac.

i really wanted lipstick to like me. i courted that bitch forever. i spent a lot of dollars on the wrong shades because i really thought we could work out. it was an abusive relationship. but i would not give up on us. we were going to make it work. 

i finally realized that i was choosing the wrong lipsticks and had to break the pattern. i would no longer go shopping for new colors until i started wearing the ones i already had. i gave myself a month.

i took inventory of all my lipsticks. made myself slab a coat on anytime i left the house. i took photos of my hued lips so i could properly judge my own appearance. oh reverse cam, please be kind! prepared for the worst, i was shocked at the results. the right shade on my lips made me look alive... happy... even sultry, which at the time couldn't have been further from how i felt. i had just given birth to knox, dealing with ppd and crazy hair. it was awesome to feel pretty again. hell, just a few notches above normal. i also discovered the shades i should never leave the house wearing. lol.

before long i was hooked. lipstick became like mascara; without it my makeup look was incomplete. i'd feel naked. and while i was drawn to the clever packaging and alluring colors i'd see gracing the beauty isles during our frequent stroller walks, i remained committed to my promise and stuck to my current stash. once i proved to indeed be a lipstick wearer vs hoarder, i would let myself buy a few more. or after a month's time, whichever came first. i can't remember now what came first but it worked out; lipstick and i have been doing great ever since :->

here are a few of my favorites....all come in myriad of colors and, of course, are available via amazon.

>> the lineup.

1. nyx stick blush in hibiscus. yes it's a blush but works great for lips and eyelids. this is the cheaper version of nars the multiple and the one thing i carry on me makeup-wise at all times. the colors last a long time and have a soft but noticeable finish.

2. nyx soft matte lip cream. when you want a matte look that's soft, and goes on like a lip stain. also long lasting and very inexpensive.

3. nars lipstick in schiap. this is a bold bright fuchsia. i save it for a night out. looks great with bold colors and gives you a great pop of pink.

4. nars lipstick in roman holiday. i call this the day version of schiap and was my go-to for a long time. i switched to the nyx stick blush mainly because of the cost. let's be honest. people at work don't really need to see me in $35 a tube lipstick on the daily.

5. mac lipstick in ruby woo. hands down the perfect red matte lipstick. i never thought i could pull off red until i discovered this. i recommend the matching liner for a polished look.

6. mac creamsheen in crème cup. a great neutral blush color.

7. laura mercier lipstick in rosette. the name alone whispers 'i'll make you pretty' and goes on with a pink/berry tone. great when you want more than a gloss but not a bold matte.

8. laura mercier lipstick in clementine. initially the name alone is what sold me but it's the best coral/orange shade i have found for my skin. somehow it remains soft while making a statement. looks best when wearing a coral top or complimentary color.

now pucker up sunshines! i'm out.




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