the best falafel in all the land... right in my own backyard. well, at least this side of the mediterranean. but that's a maybe. because i have never been to greece. and because i do believe this falafel will change your life. it's from MADCAPRA, and yes, it deserves to be in ALL MOTHER F'IN CAPS.

like most good eats in la, i caught wind of MADCAPRA from KCRW, also deserving of all caps on this here blog. a million thank you's for your interview with the duo behind MADCAPRA that enticed me to put this on our to-eat list. lucky for me, MADCAPRA is located in grand central market, one of our favorite haunts that i talk about in more length here. needless to say we checked this joint off our list real quick.

the set-up is simple. you can have your falafel as a wrap or salad, with four variations of filling. i normally go for the salad option, but everyone there was having the wrap so for the first go at this place i had to go with the wrap. but it was so good i will definitely be going back for the salad:-> i seriously can't remember what filling i chose but it really doesn't matter. josh and i each had two different kinds and we could not decide which we liked more. and man, they were pretty. also the sumac-beet soda. praise jeebus. i am mad for you MADCAPRA and cannot wait to eat and drink and photograph you again. look out for follow-up post: best falafel in the land remains best falafel in all the land.

>> enjoying the tastiest of tasty beverages, the sumac-beet soda. free refills, please?

>> now let's get down to business...


>> there was no way to set dress this photo. eating with kids is just downright messy sometimes.

>> and yea. it goes down like this sometimes.

>> and these two...because i could just eat them up :->

and we out!Β 

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