cheap thrills


LA, i love you. i really, really do. the weather is the BEST and you have everything i need. hair, eyebrows, nails, workout studios, museums, restaurants (lol in that order) - this city has me covered. and there is no place i'd rather be. but dayum. you pricey. a spin class is $30+ and the average lunch special is $10. i suppose i can't really blame you. people pay stupid amounts of money here and even i am guilty of succumbing to the pressed juice fad.

i'm not sure where else a $15 juice would fly.

but like i said boo, i love you. and there are a few deals to be found in this large metropolis. one find is the newly reopened angels flight. with a fresh coat of orange and black paint, the historic funicular is back in business after a four year hiatus. and let me tell you, it was funicular indeed. a few photos... 


i went during my lunch hour as i work a few blocks away. my pal joined me who thankfully is as much of an LA nerd as i am. she took this picture of me obviously, which i hestitated including because for me a topknot = bad hair day. but anyway, on with the flight.


it was mostly tourists on our ride up. and down. midday on a friday i wasn't surprised and somehow it made me even more giddy. we were all super excited. ok, i was pretty pumped. i had been looking forward to it all week.

nerd alert indeed.


i couldn't stop smiling and driving my friend crazy taking photos of me. i don't know what it is about this attraction. maybe it's the history? that our city cared enough to keep it going? maybe because i love the color orange?

definitely because each way costs 50 cents. cheap thrills guys.


looking mighty fine up there! fun fact, the trains are named Olivet and Sinai. how cute! not so fun fact, in 2001 Sinai broke loose and drove straight into Olivet. one person died and seven were injured. history man!


thank you LA. angels flight stole my heart but not my bank account. though i have to be honest. since its original opening in 1901 the price has gone up. a whole 49 cents. still worth it in my opinion ;-)



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