what this past week has taught me...


it's hard to wrap my head around what happened in charlottesville. but a few words come to mind: unthinkable, disgusting and stupid. how did we take such a gigantic leap backwards? how do we have a president that believes there are "many sides" to this despicable act of hate and ignorance? I JUST DON'T GET IT. how hard is it to love and respect one another? how does the color of one's skin make them better than someone else? IT DOESN'T. END OF STORY.

alas, it's not so simple for some.

so what have i learned? what now? i've learned that when things like this happen it's easy to give up. lose momentum. fight less and resist quietly. however, an act like this is a swift reminder that doing nothing is not really an option. i have found inspiration in what others are doing to make more good in this world. to be the good. because we need all the good we can get.

this past week i've also learned that i see the world for what it is - a complex place with a lot of work to do. but what i glean from is that powerful smile on my youngest boy's face. the smile that has yet to know what hate is. what color is. at some point all of us were this pure, this good. i believe it's absolutely possible for all of us to find this place again.

and today i learned that however i rationalize my own purpose, being a mother is what really teaches you yourself.

keep smiling guys.



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