me right now


hey! i look pretty happy here. well, i can honestly say that YEP. things are v good right now. a few reasons why:

i started BBG! you've probably heard of it. if we're friends you're probs sick of hearing me talk about it and sending you videos. sorry! so far i am on week three. i didn't buy the program just printed out pages of program circuits i found online. if i stick with it for another month i'll join. funny, printing out the pages reminded of me of being so broke in college i couldn't afford all of my books so i would photocopy the pages i needed. anyway, BBG stands for bikini body guide. let's do this.

max started tennis lessons and it is everything good. so far i think he's having fun with it. here's hoping i have a future tennis partner.

knox started soccer! actually, knox and i started soccer as it's a mommy + me class. it's all kinds of bonkers. it's also very emotional. afterward i really need a glass of wine.

josh + i had a weekend getaway! we went to san diego for my 20-year high school reunion. it was as awkward as you would imagine. but we had a great kid-free night and made a brief appearance at the reunion. basically my plan was to show up, look amazing and leave before people realized i am as lame now as i was in high school. the rest of the night was bar hopping and holding hands! we even found a secret tiki bar. thumbs up.

man i hated high school. didn't you? i did read IT in high school and am reading it again because IT the remake. it's really such a great book though it's maybe giving me nightmares. because killer clowns. still, can't put it down. also, this is the first book i've read on a kindle! i've been converted.

we are planning lots of fun holiday things to do with the kiddos because IT'S FALL. it's fall and i'm not all that bummed about it. maybe because i'm too busy being happy and stuff.



PS - sorry for being absent lately. the truth is work is just busy and our home office where i do my writing is a war zone right now since we've taken on some home projects. i will share a bit of that soon maybe! 


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