necessary evil: bathtime

not pictured: two adorable demons in the bathtub laughing at me. well at least they're laughing.


what can i say. it must be done. this is bath time. where "accidents" can happen. sometimes it's fun. occasionally there are tears. and screams. and like a visit to the playground... pure necessary evil. my tactic here is to get in and get out as quickly as possible. like a bank robbery. get the goods, in this case a clean child, and try not to kill anyone, in this case the clean child and your sanity. that's it. i have no real advice except to try to remain calm. it's just water. kids are terrifying but bath water should not be.

ok one more gift to you. make lots of bubbles. bubbles are like the goldfish of the tub. haha!

kids, man. they really got me. the only comfort i can give myself is that in years to come this is one of those parental pangs that gets easier. but for now... somebody cover me. i'm going in. good luck out there you guys.

and that's all i've got. have a great week!

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