holiday gift guide: kids!

last christmas under our teepee!

last christmas under our teepee!

i know it seems a bit soon for this. but people are starting to ask me what i am getting maxwell + knox for christmas. i return the question with a blank stare. ok maybe a slightly horrified stare because that's just how my face tends to work, lol. but my kids don't know what christmas is. they just know there's a big tree in our living room for a month and we start to put boxes under it that they're not allowed to touch for what seems like FOREVER. but with thanksgiving tomorrow i realized i better get to it because hello cyber sales. anyway, i put together this list in case any of you were looking for ideas. i even threw in a few ideas for the little ladies because my uterus gets all squishy looking at little girl outfits. BIG SIGH.


self explanatory links:

1. check shirt 2. marled boot socks 3. fleece sweatshirt 4. shark mouth leggings 5. steggy stegosaurus 6. trains go! 7. banjo 8. choo-choo trains! 9. activity table 10. mini scooter 11. dragons love tacos 12. pull backs 13. flutter dress 14. hair clips 15. tights 16. fox backpack

gift guides for her + him coming soon. happy holiday shopping sunshines. i'm out!

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