fingerling potato + mushroom roast suggestion


cooking is dangerous. knives are sharp. stoves are hot. kids are curious, and like to interrupt. 

ooh. was that a haiku?? right.

so from the level of distraction here, you may already be able to tell that cooking isn’t really my jam. not only is it unsafe (scolding pans!) but it’s not that fun. it feels more like a job nowadays. and who am i kidding, josh is the better chef in the house. i will also credit lousy counter space and wobbly cutting boards to my dislike for the culinary arts. damn you charming old af apartments.

the conundrum is i do love food. and i do have to cook. kids kinda have to eat. so i did a lot google searching. key words: vegetarian, easy and quick. created a pinterest board. like any good desperate mom would do, really. it’s taken time, but i have come up with a solid batch of go-to recipes that i have come to count on. ones that don’t suck and can be completed with multiple interruptions and requests for more toy story, more answers to questions just answered, more snacks and more hugs.  (side note: i totally just realized now why my mom had a meal calendar for us growing up. i thought she just really liked golden mushroom chicken + rice on tuesdays)

one of my favorite meals is a fingerling potato + mushroom roast. it takes slightly more effort and time but really feels like a home cooked meal, not dinner on a dime, and tastes amazing. it’s pretty basic: a bunch of tiny potatoes and mushrooms submerged in a sea of spiced olive oil. mmm. oily potatoes and mushrooms. i could eat this dish every day, and with this easy-peasy recipe, i practically do. it's so simple it's impossible to mess up. i almost can't believe i am posting this. but i also thought well it's close to thanksgiving and wouldn't this make a good side dish? so consider this a meal suggestion... with instructions, photos and full recipe at the bottom :->


the line up. everything is from trader joe's. all together this will set you back about $15 and yields 5-6 servings, more if you use this as a side dish.


we like to taste big bites of all the main players, so i recommend chopping the onion into large pieces. same with the garlic. but be careful! sharp knives i said!!


dude. chopping garlic. definitely a necessary evil. but aren't the garlic skins oddly beautiful?


salt. don't be afraid of salt. two small palms of it. trust. any less and you'll just be adding it later.


now this part actually makes me start counting all of the calories i just poured into this pan. but just do it. it's good calories! then bake that sucker. for best results, it should cook for at least 3 hours. so handle bath time. color. watch toy story for the millionth time. on weekdays i don't have that kind of time and will make this the night before and reheat it the next day for dinner.


now didn't i tell you cooking was dangerous. poor cheeky. he nearly sliced his finger off chopping the garlic for me. luckily we couldn't taste any of the blood. ew. and with that i hope you give this a try. it will not disappoint. and i'm out!



2 bags of trader joe's fingerling potatoes

2 bags of trader joe's sliced crimini mushrooms

1 whole sweet onion, chopped in large pieces

1 whole garlic clove, chopped in large pieces

 1 cup olive oil

3-4 palms of salt

3-4 pinches of pepper + curry powder to taste

toss all ingredients together

roast at 425 degrees for 3-4 hours

bon apetite!


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