fairfax date night

a few saturday's ago, mr. cheek and i had ourselves a date night. it was a warm and balmy evening (my favorite!), so we opted for a stroll to fairfax avenue. i've bragged about the fairfax district before but we rarely get to explore it at night. i was pretty giddy all day with anticipation.

i clearly don't get out past bedtime much.

>> happy feet... in date night shoes... ready to take me to good food, tasty dranks and laughs with mr. cheek...

>> le date. hubba husband :->

>> me. getting used to this 'posing' business.

now we're talking. first bevvy of the night. the basil + strawberry margarita from mercado. delisioso! also gets points for coming in my signature color. not pictured: a feast of chips + guacamole, salad and poblano plate. it was all very pretty and muy delisioso, tambien! trust. still thinking about that meal (and re-thinking this bobby pin situation, lol).

>> gotta love a good wallpaper. our neighborhood establishments are no stranger to them, and the bathroom at mercado is no exception.

>> date night requires slightly more effort... tighter clothing, higher heels and no hat to hide bad hair... a mirror selfie as proof of cleaning up well is always a good idea. here i am feelin' sassy. and goodbye bobby pin :->

>> walking down fairfax at night is a real treat for me. and if i haven't made it clear already, being anywhere at night is a thrill. one of the hardest parts of having little ones is sticking with a routine, and winding things down by 6pm. it's hard not to feel like i'm missing out despite not wanting to be anywhere else. anyone feel me on that? anyway thank god for date night. can i get an amen!

>> next stop, plan check...they were out of the stout, so i had this amazing pch golden milk porter. i am typically an ipa drinker, but this had a great butterscotch flavor. and it's own spotlight :->

>> and back to where it began. le patio.

p.s.: fairfax, i officially love you all day and all night....we can't wait to do it again. in fall clothing.

p.p.s. for anyone interested, my jumpsuit is from here!

and we're out!

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