endless summer + weekend report


october 12, 2015. currently 95 degrees and SUNNY. this summer is never gonna end. at least it feels that way. and no one seems very happy about it. not even a polite mention of it being an indian summer. nope. summer has worn out its welcome. but there isn't much one can do. and last time i checked this was los angeles soooo i just roll with it. throw on my lightest, fall-colored clothing, and try my hardest to wear closed-toed shoes. it ain't easy dressing for the current season when it still feels like the height of last season. meh. in between season problems.

so that's my biggest gripe with this endless summer. otherwise, me and my people are still having fun. i had almost packed the splash pad gear away but we found ourselves there again last weekend. it was one of the best visits this year. maybe because we knew this time would be the last time for a while? who knows but it was great. after we had our fill of the water, and the cheeklits started rubbing their eyes, we hit up grand central market... the falafel from madcapra was calling our names. that place is seriously worth the anxiety i get over eating out with the kids. we always hold onto a glimmer of hope they will take a stroller nap on the way there but that never happens anymore. instead they are really nailing that hate-to-sit-still stage. but can you believe it the boys behaved. i drank my entire beer without spilling any or having it get warm. success!!! we decided not to push our luck by forgoing another round. because we all know how that story ends. a good friend of mine told me right after i had maxwell that if you go anywhere like a restaurant or party with your little one, you can count on the length of the outing being half as long as you intended to stay. so so true and the one piece of solid advice i rarely steer from. so instead of more beer we took the long way back to the car. because we always push our luck a little bit. got home and it was still a thousand degrees. we don't have central air (i know. feel very sorry for us) so we decided to go for afternoon bike ride through west hollywood. because why the heck not.

and now photos... because this blog didn't have enough splash pad photos already.

i swear we do other things. just not when it's this hot :->

>> totally surprised we are back at the pad again. yea right. he even recognizes the garage where we park now and starts yelling "is it the wah-wah mama?!" as soon as we pull in.

>> seconds before knox got kicked in the head.

>> aside from the weather making me melt... this photo man. max, you are crushing it. i feel very sorry for your future dating prospects :->

>> josh is the best dad. max + knox love being thrown in the air, asking josh to make them 'fly.' it's hard to say no.... but it ain't easy, as you can see, lol.

>> have to admit i let josh do most of the work while i sipped on my iced coffee. oh and hellooo new earrings from my favorite shop for jewelry downtown, leola lace :->

>> no sleep 'til weho! these boys are ready to ride! they are fascinated by bikes... and anything that moves. kids man, always on the go :->


oh yea! almost forgot. once the kids went to bed, josh and i watched love & mercy. omfg if you haven't seen this movie yet do so immediately. we have been listening to beach boys albums ever since... fitting since it still feels summer...

and that is my endless summer + weekend report. i'm out!!

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