the little things + hello fall


last weekend in san diego... it finally became fall and the air was just right for a haircut, an afternoon at the zoo and a rainy morning with donuts... sometimes the best things are the little things... and sorry for the mishmash of filters, but that's fall for you. every moment holds a special light. or whatever. on with the post!

>> finally, some me time with my hair husband, vadim! he is the best and i tell him so every six - eight weeks, religiously :->

>> then off to the san diego zoo with friends. chasing the sunset on the sky safari was the best thing ever!

>> this place must see a lot of hand and nose prints at the end of the day :->


>> i had the immense pleasure of batting eyes with this beauty for about five minutes. somehow no one else was around and it was so special. i think she liked me :->

>> never without his legos... or trains... or whatever else he can't be separated from that day. and here comes the sappy part. i was getting pretty emotional here at the zoo. we came here a lot when i was a kid and being there with my own kids was a great, surreal feeling. i may have gotten the tears a bit.

>> "mama, duck!"

>> and no trip to san diego is complete without a stop to nomad donuts. nomad, you are where it's at! i waited ten minutes in the rain for my vegan pumpkin spice and it did not disappoint!


>> and a round of can we just get a few photos as a family, please??

happy weekend + fall my sunshines! we're out!

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