note to self: good things are happening now, too.

i am convinced good hair can solve most of life's problems.

i am convinced good hair can solve most of life's problems.

you guys it's time to be honest. it may seem like i'm all smiles and smirks over here but life has been getting me down. now let me just preface this by saying i have never been one to promote living in a bubble. however, lately, everywhere you look, read, or listen, is the latest sad and unthinkable story. and sometimes it's all just too overwhelming. and i get the sads. and then the anxiety. and nightmares that people are out to get me. and then i realize how crazy i sound. and then i stop and figure out what i need to do to be ok. ok with being human, and dealing with this complex world we live in. because i can't ignore the news and what is happening near and far.

lawd. relax cheek. breathe.

when the storm of uncontrollable confusion hits, aka anxiety, it's really hard to keep it together. but i try. and it's gotten better. forms of meditation help. more yoga. eat better. lay off the beer. cut myself off from any tv show about zombies. i started weaving and needlepoint (yes, of course that will be a blog post). and that's all great. but what else? i am not alone on this planet so what can i do to make society a more positive place? surely, if i am feeling this sense of hopelessness others are, too. so then i thought, why not share good things that have happened around the world lately? or what made me smile, feel hopeful, or read something by someone who just gets it.

this really could have backfired y'all. but thankfully it did not. there is a lot of good stuff out there. and i'm excited to share what i found and make this a recurring post. whenever things just seem too bleak to function, a pick me up post will be there. jaded no more! or just a bit less. so here is my gift to the universe. a list of just a few good things happening right now.

>> mom creates indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money to give baby carriers, slings, and wraps to syrian moms and dads. yes.

>> patti smith’s new memoir “M Train.” she just started writing and writing. i can relate.  

>> a welcome to fall fashion. courtesy of bill cunningham.

>> because cartoons are awesome.

>> annual autumnal gripes.

>> a totally normal reaction to pigeons.

>> kirsten dunst in season 2 of fargo. and! season 2 of fargo!

>> the truth of all truths.

>> this line of limited run, vintage inspired dresses. dreamy. 

la fin.

and mission accomplished. feeling better about things already. i knew there was a lot to smile about, just have to remind myself every now and again. and i'm out!

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