my cheeky valentine


for eight years this man has been my valentine. but who's counting? well, me of course! making me not only proud but a tad stumped for words. because let's face it. eight years of commitment also means like twice that many in heart felt cards of i love you's, happy birthday's and i am the luckiest blah blah blah.


so what have i not blahed on about before.

ok. this.

when josh met me i was at my lowest point. i was also at my highest. i was confident and strong. i was also weak and vulnerable. i could run for two hours straight and drink all night long. i smoked a half a pack a day (parliaments) and gave up eating meat (all types). i could crack a million jokes and then cry myself to sleep. i was a hot mess. but with good hair. that must have been what drew him in. or it may have been my affinity for almonds. he kept a bag in his car and i kept a bag in my purse.

and i was one hell of a flirt.

whatever lured him into my dark, shiny, happy + ironic world i don't know. i'm just thankful it did. because without him i really don't know what the state of sony would be. dire i guess. kind of like whatever the hell is going on with the state of politics right now. but i digress.

so i'll close with this. josh is my valentine and that is how it's going to stay. always + forever. highs, lows, hits and blows. me + him. he + i. we are us. and THIS IS IT.

i am nuts about you joshy. here's to almonds and good hair. please don't lose your hair.

happy valentine's day. i love you.

xo, sony

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