high fives, handrails + other good things happening right now


greetings from heat wave central! absolutely zero complaints here! ok, perhaps a grumbling from josh. but come on! a few days of summer in february? can i get an amen!

and a few other good things happening right about now...

high fives all day at chez cheek. don't you love how kids his age think everything they do deserves a high five? unless you're knox, who prefers a slow clap. classy. you do you knox!

punxatany phil did not see his shadow, promising a sooner spring. no surprise there!

and while we're on that topic... cheap swimsuits here! i got this one! use their weird promo code 'four divisions' for 20% off. free shipping! #notanad #iwish!

legos to introduce its first minifigure in a wheelchair.

this beatles video.

danny trejo, of "machete" and "from dusk till dawn" fame, to open trejo's tacos. the mid-wilshire area restaurant will have vegan options and dish up the days' leftovers to the homeless. a round of high fives to you danny trejo!

these heels from zara. seriously, they go with everything. buy them immediately.

anxiously awaiting the new season of broad city. but meanwhile this!

ace & jig's spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. prrrrrfection.

this gal's awesome ig feeds of namesake and manrepeller notariety. 

and if you're in the dtla area, check out the la book fair going on from 2/11-2/14 at the geffen contemporary at moca. i'll be there friday around 1! 


lastly, my boys sliding down the handrail with their dad for the first time...


ever. and on video. and the sequel. priceless!

thank you universe! you have been especially awesome this week! we'll just forget about what happened last month. have a great rest of your week sunshines!