on 1.15.18 a few mamas and i celebrated an important birthday the best way we knew how: by making dreams come true.

it was the third monday in january and a not so unusually warm day. our plan was to hit the santa monica pier and let our sons go on every ride their height would permit and their stomachs could tolerate. unlimited wristbands are a deal at $17. but once they saw the water they dove straight for it. off came their bottoms to allow their skin to meet the invigorating chill of the waves, then jumping up and down as the tides skirted up their tiny legs; the dance of boyhood.

the lure of an empty lifeguard stand (and seaweed snacks) were all that could pry them from the water.

ill prepared for wet sandy boys, we thought of ditching our initial plan and swapping rides for food and the most epic food court ever. but the boys were down for more play. so we were too.  it was the best. not much can top defying gravity with your friends, over the ocean no less. us moms had the even greater joy of watching their excited faces and taking a million photos to preserve the memory i doubt we will ever forget. it was a day of friendship and remembrance, and celebrating what is good in this world. we did good, me and these two mamas. and i couldn't have done it without them.



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