photos by max.


call me biased but my boys are two of the handsomest little devils around. i take photos of them constantly. they are my muse. they give me a voice. or a louder one anyway. my love explodes on these html pages as i yap about what we've been up to as a family. and lbh, they are really why i joined the blogforce. their cuteness must be documented and shared.

and lately they seem really into it. maybe it's from the times laying on the couch or at a restaurant waiting for fries scrolling through our vast collection of photos. LIGHTBULB! preserving memories is now super cool. knox in particular has started to pose and even remain still and smile for the camera. we've gotten some really adorably cheesy moments from him. it's so awesome the way he really likes to ham it up. my little brother was the same way :-)

then there's max. max has decided to take a more hands-on approach. he wants in on the action, not necessarily be the action. just like his papa :-) since i take most of my photos on my phone i was hesitant to let him practice on it. but he's been a total pro. and the images he captures are some of my favorites. here's a few...


his favorite shoot location is just 100 meters from our apartment. favorite filter: NOIR.




being 38" tall probs is the reason my whole body often doesn't make it into the shot?






real life. always picking up SOMETHING.



personally, i am a big fan of all the bright colors. i consider pink to be the perfect neutral! and if you know my knox you know he only loves the color purple. true fact i hate the color purple! purple backpacks make me cringe. i know! random.

max is different. after he takes a photo he will immediately say, " i want to change the colors mama," and swaps normal for noir. every. time. strictly black and grey. i find this fascinating!  is his interpretation of color a lack of color? does he secretly hate his red, blue, yellow, green and pretty much the entire spectrum colored room?

eek probs.

i often veer away from black and white photos as it tends to appear like i look dirty. probably because i was. but looking at his images, i get it. there are depths in the shadows and moods in the pools of grey. beads of emotions trickle down in the reflective sweat. somehow we glow. and appear timeless. today was forever. 

or maybe max just likes the vast change from normal to noir in a split second. 

probs. either way my kid is a genius basically.


and the photographer himself. thank you maxwell for your eye and showing us in a different light. excited to see what beautiful moments you will bring us in the years to come.

not so excited for the inevitable purple filtered photos that are sure to come very soon. i'm talking to you knox!



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