happy friday guys! just thought i would drop in and share a few things happening with me right now...

my jumpsuit obsession continues. they really are the ultimate one stop shop piece. dress them up or down and go to town! or be like me and sashay your way to the playground lol. a few of my favorites are here, here and can't wait to wear this one on sunday when we visit THE MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM! we bought tickets months ago and we are super hyped for all the hype it's gotten.

on a sadder note, my hairdresser and friend of ten years had to leave the country for maybe a few weeks, maybe months. I KNOW. i miss him already as do MY ROOTS! so i have an appointment with a new stylist recommended by a friend and let's just say i have my pinterest boards on the ready. wish me luck guys! 

last night i had a vegan pepperoni pizza pocket and it completely changed my life in one single bite. so i had two.

OMG have you seen this movie?

is this a safe place to admit that i actually really love vanderpump rules? i mean it's funny right? don't believe me? read this.

eyelash extensions... yay or nay? leaning toward yay! i have been using an eyelash boosting serum with a lot of success but obviously now i want MORE.

finally, it's officially summer! all of my favorite LA summer activities are back on rotation and this cheek could not be happier about it.

have a great weekend guys!





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