knox right now


knox right now is a million and one awesome things i can't even begin to share them all. but here are a few of my favorites bits of knox right now...

knox right now is 2 years, 9 months and 1 week old making him my favorite two-year-old in the universe.

knox right now thank goodness seems to have completely ignored the whole terrible two's bs. i seriously owe you for that knox. seriously.

right now knox licks his lips and says yum yum before dinner.

knox right now loves to stare at the moon and howl. he also loves pointing out trees, the sun and my eyeballs.

knox right now cradles his face and smiles when you let him watch one more episode of ninja turtles before bed. he can also do some pretty rad ninja dance moves i wasn't even aware of until last night. we were literally dying it was so funny.

knox right now sure is funny. just ask anyone.

knox right now and always has loved bananas. but don't you dare remove it from the peel. one morning i peeled three bananas before executing this task to his satisfaction (it's ok though cuz i freeze the ones he doesn't eat and make smoothies for him later. so there you go)

i could watch him eat that perfect banana all day long.

knox right now is pretty obsessed with super hero legos. because duh they're awesome. so awesome we are going to LEGOLAND next week for max's birthday. it will be pretty epic no doubt. and then i remember this.

knox right now gives me so many hugs and kisses it's really impossible to be sad these days.

thank you knox for being who you are right now and always. i love you.




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