a non thanksgiving menu


thanksgiving is awkward for me to talk about. mainly because i have little attachment to the holiday. growing up it felt kind of forced. i have uncomfortable memories of mom teaching me how to dress a turkey and being forced to make lousy chit chat with whomever joined us that year. chit chat is the worst! i was secretly overjoyed when i moved away for college and celebrated friendsgiving several years in a row. it was a no pressure, no bs chit chat and no gd turkey or those terrible marshmallow sweet potatoes event and i was all in.  

and then i graduated. and stopped being a selfish jerk. and i also felt some guilt. because the whole concept of thanksgiving is a good one. and not being 'grateful' would make me a giant a-hole. so everyone, i love most of you... you know who you are! except maybe beck and the cast of stranger things and whoever invented sofritas. i love you guys too!

but back to awkward. because despite all the love and gratitude i have for all the good i have in my life, i still don't like thanksgiving food! i don't eat meat and tofurkey is just weird. josh and i have made attempts to fake the feast, but this year we said no. this year we said LASAGNA!!!!! and not one but two lasagnas! josh is opting for a traditional three cheese recipe entrusted to him from our friend's mom while i searched the internets for the tastiest looking vegan recipe i could find. we prepped our dishes last saturday and froze them so come tomorrow all we have to do is pop those bad boys in the oven, have a drink and chill. we are also serving roasted beets, a sonoma chickpea salad and apparently someone is bringing zucchini bread and my mom is making her famous flan (from a box of jell-o!) now that's my kind of holiday.

now before i wrap this rant up, i want to say thank you to our family and friends for being totally down to let us make this occasion our own. you are truly what makes it so, so special.

have a wonderful thanksgiving guys!



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