life right now + crunchy leaves


right now i am feeling pretty behind. the latest update alert on my phone has been bugging me to do something about it for a solid week now. maybe two weeks? i have no real excuse for not updating it aside from i just don't feel like it, which seems to be my motto right now.

life right now hardly feels like now but more like a few days ago. life right now is realizing that holy wow next week is thanksgiving and we are hosting and there is just so much to do. life right now has been getting used to short days spent fighting off the threat of long colds and apartment fever. life right now it's always something only now i'm always cold. but not so cold i can see the chill when my breath hits the air. not yet anyway.

tbh it's not my favorite time of year. summer is more my jam. BUT! life right now is also crunchy leaves season. and i don't know anyone who doesn't love that! especially these guys...


so stress as i may, at the end of the day i will let the leaves fall as they may... and play.

i still need to update my phone though.



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