summer in october


i have decided that we actually have five seasons - fall, winter, spring, summer and summer in october. please excuse its absurd name length but every year for the majority of the tenth month on the year it's HOT. often hotter than it was in actual summer. for the most part i embrace this last chance for warm weather activities, the only annoying part that wearing open-toed shoes and spaghetti strap tops and dresses just feels wrong. but yet it's too warm to wear anything else so i give up, or rather, give in. this past weekend we took full advantage of the warm spell by making maybe our last splash at the grand park fountain until that weird week in feb/march when LA feels like the inside of an oven for a few days.

hmm, perhaps that is a season too.

climate change is real guys. anyway, photos!


while it may feel like summer, the boys are really feelin' the halloween spirit. they are very much into the notion of dressing up as their favorite superhero and eating as much candy as they can get away with. coincidentally, they have also discovered zombies. max does a pretty good undead impersonation. something they picked up in school i guess?! SMH.


so happy it's too hot for clothes. he also completely abandoned pajamas. how is he not cold at night i always wonder!


happy fifth season guys!



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