life right now + happy friday


life right now is all about change. man how i love change.

bedtime has moved up from 9:00 to 8:30 with only mild resistance.  

our apartment improvements are still underway. still.

i'm getting a new car! my lease is up and i am excited for something different. i've driven a prius for the past 7 years. it's been a good run. but i think we're done. hopefully buying something this weekend so wish us luck!

life right now is staying up late with josh after the boys have gone to bed watching season two of insecure between filling each other in on our days. more often then not we are interrupted by knox thundering up and down the hallway. when feeling especially brazen, he will brave his way to the kitchen and do a little shimmy in the doorway before breaking back to his bedroom, giggling so hard as if to say he really got one on us. "go to bed knox!" we'll take turns and say. but mostly we just laugh because it really is funny. maybe tonight we'll let him stay. it's friday after all.  

but amid all this change some things will forever remain the same. like my cherished walks around this amazing city and stopping to admire old brick buildings. and let's face it, knox will probably shimmy his way through life. and continue to make us all laugh.

have a great weekend guys!






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