how i treat myself



"life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." 

- ferris bueller


i take this genius quote to mean this: treat yourself to something nice whenever necessary. it doesn't have to be expensive, or cost anything for that matter. just stop, look around once in awhile and be completely aware of what YOU need. before life starts to stress you out. before you let the universe take you for a complete ride, know when to hop off and head straight to your closest (or favorite) starbucks for an ICSOS (iced coffee + a splash 'o soy). jokes aside, this is really important guys. because if you don't take care of yourself, how can you be there for anyone else? and as a mama, while my primary concern is my family, i also have to remember to take time out for me, and just me. but really it's for them, too. at least that's how i justify it. 

renting a hotel room and jumping up and down on the bed is one really great way to do this. JUST LOOK AT ME UP THERE.

and a few other ways i treat myself. in list form. because i love lists. who doesn't?


1. i get a LEMONADE. literally from lemonade. their sugar-free flavors are the best.

2. blowouts from dry bar. and as of last month i am officially a barfly. what the heck took me so long?! screw you youtube tutorials.


3. gel manicures from my favorite nail place.


4. vegan + gf desserts, like the donuts from fonuts. the vanilla with sprinkles is PURE HEAVEN. best believe.

5. falling asleep on the couch. gross, perhaps, but something so relaxing about. my favorite thing is actually to fall asleep on the couch while josh is still awake. not going to overthink that one.

6. keratin treatments. what a time saver. cuts drying and styling time down by nearly half. sorry mama, i know you don't approve but ain't nobody got time for bad hair.


7. sneaking away from la familia to take a few (ahem, dozen) bathroom pics. it's amazing how calming this narcissistic activity is, lol. also, incredibly handy to ensure your hat is on right. i wear a lot of hats!


8. date nights with the boo. every other weekend thanks to my mama! on our last outing we saw the film l'attesa. i highly recommend it! though i generally don't love going to the movies on a date night. just sitting somewhere being quiet for 90 minutes can be very challenging for me.  i prefer something more engaging, like an art show. or a bar. ha! we had a snack at the shake shack after the movie. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT THIS PLACE. JUST KIDDING. OF COURSE THERE WILL BE A BLOG POST ON THE MOTHER EFFING SHAKE SHACK. ok, i'm done yelling. oh one more thing, DID I MENTION THEY SERVE BEER + WINE?!

9. on that note. martinis. shaken + lemon.

10. and gluten free beer. right now i am really loving glutiny.


11. now for the shocker. starbucks. because apparently liquids are the key to my heart. though it's fair to assume this cup of joy ends up on everyone's list. because starbucks is AWESOME. and so are you. so remember to treat yourself!

12. ok, ok. one more. and this one is my new favorite. writing this blog. because seriously nothing makes me happier.

xoxo, sony!


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