my take on mother's day + a gift guide

mother's day 2015

mother's day 2015

mother's day is a SHAM.

i've said it every year since i became a mama. because it's never really about you. it's about the kids. and, despite that dramatic opener, i'm ok with it. because i wouldn't be a mama without them, or as happy. so let 'em have it. i don't need to sleep in, or go to the spa, or make josh take me to brunch. i just want a fun day with my boys. maybe the beach, or park, fries and beers... just doing what we do with a few extra hugs + love you's along the way. that's not a sham. that's my jam.

but a few material effects to memorialize the day wouldn't hurt though.

a few suggestions!

1. get me a facial. even better? make the appointment for me. BAM

2. duh. flowers. tulips. pink.  six stems will do.

3. the gift of starbucks. take it up a notch? bring it to me in bed. triple short soy latte please!

4. a mother's day card with lots of toddler scribbles and mama you are awesome exclamations on it.

5. a mama + sons photo shoot! advance notice on this one please!

6. let us shop. and let it not be target. though i do love you target.

7. plan the day. beginning to end.

8. lastly, champagne. can't go wrong. because cheers to me!


i hope all my ladies have an amazing mother's day! and do yourselves a favor and share this guide with the fellas!

xoxo, 3rd year a mama

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