on being a boymom + twinning

some solid father-daughter twinning happening right here.

this tended to happen a lot. my dad was really into fashion, or rather, had a very strong sense of personal style. as a long distance runner, he loved addidas track suits and trainers, while his caribbean roots influenced his taste for guayabera shirts and linen pants. he also had an impressive hat collection. he. was. the. COOLEST. so of course i let him pick out most of my clothes when i was little. and other than that one fail i still remember to this day (a bright teal beverly hills, 90210 sweater) he always nailed it. he knew how to pick based on what i would like and what would look cool.

i was very much daddy's little girl. gosh, i really miss that.

and so it seems i too have my father's affinity for dressing my little ones. but what i really love is some twinning. now twinning can be tricky. like it can look really lame. and my biggest complaint (and perhaps blessing financially) is that boys have a lot less clothing options. have you ever shopped for a little boy? it's a whole lot of blues, plaids and stripes. fine. i like all that but sometimes... where my floral at? boys can't do floral? also, why is everything for boys at the back of the catalogue? or notice how girl clothes are at the top of every website? i'm talking to you old navy! so given what i have to work with, it can be a challenge. but that's when you get creative. twinning doesn't necessarily mean matching patterns. it can simply mean pairing like colors and harmonious graphics to make the overall look seamless. our last holiday photo was my proudest twinning moment yet. 

then again, stripes + a pair of jeans. works every time. easy, cute + (hopefully!) not lame at all.


killin' it.


so there you have it. and now a few suggestions!

on me:

striped shirt, levi's, ray-ban sunnies

on max:

striped shirt (similar here), jeans (similar here)

gallery deets:

sunnies here + here, striped shirt and dress, chambray for her + him, panama hat big and smalladult + mini backpack, colorblock dress + t-shirt, mama + son surf sandals, onepiece suit + trunks, button down hers + his, ovis tall + toddler

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