the art of the 'tuck' + a video!

ok don't laugh. but i made a video! a silly stream of three ways to tuck in your shirt. because i am OBSESSED with tucking in my shirts. in doing so my legs magically appear one inch longer and that makes me very, VERY happy. also because i love writing about things that make me happy. and its my blog and i can do stuff like this.

but really, if no one laughs i will be both shocked and disappointed.

either way, i had a lot of fun with this one. now pay attention!

ok who laughed? 

and now, since i clearly take this tuck business super serious i also broke it down for you. now follow me! 


tuck one! the 'half tuck'


level of difficulty: 2. not complicated.

one side tucked. the tough part will be deciding which side.



tuck two! the 'demi tuck'


level of difficulty: 4. complications vary.

 a certain je ne sais quoi quality is ideal.


this one is my favorite of the three. très chic! 

a simple front tuck with the back loose. legs look long but your booty is covered.

tuck three! the 'full tuck'


level of difficulty: 5. somewhat complicated.

requires a shirt. and pants.


... then you tuck your shirt in. i find looking down helps.


then i do a side check!


...and the back. check!

and then i shake it.


now you're ready to tuck my sunshines!

la fin!

ps! outfit details listed in previous post here!

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