the last of the holiday m&m's: a recipe post!


they seriously needed to gtfo my house.

somehow for like three weeks i forgot they were in our junk food cabinet. and then i remembered we had one of those. and i don't even like m&m's that much. how did they even get here i wondered? anyway, it was time to go. i hate wasting food though so i decided to make m&m muffins using the easiest + flexible recipe i could find.

i used like ALL the substitutions guys.

recipe + photos below!


so muffins are pretty basic. i am going to skip ahead a bit. because the longer this takes the more candies i eat. so this is what your mixture is going to look like pre m&m's or whatever add-on of your choice. i'm telling you these rules are meant to be broken. that said, real chocolate chips probably would have made these all the more delicious. but i'm never itching to get rid of those.


i wanted mini muffins so i decided to pound the life out of the candies. i used this masher thing i'm pretty sure josh used to make mojitos back in our mojito days.


i kind of zoned out at this point. i must have forgot i was making muffins and was thinking mmm cookies since i rolled these instead of just scooping. oops? i would find out soon enough. now put those suckers in that preheated oven!


omg. perfection. barely any filter guys. this recipe is a keeper.


1 cup whatever new age milk you are drinking these days

1 tsp ACV or white vinegar (i used white)

1/4 cup applesauce (nope, i used vegetable oil)

1/4 cup coconut oil (actually had some of that!)

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups whole wheat flour (eh, i used gluten free flour from trader joe's cuz that makes them healthy  [Ed. Note: you should probably use quotations around "healthy" when talking about gluten-free stuff])

1/2 cup white sugar

1 tbsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt


about 50 m&m's (or whatever. nuts, chips, dried fruit. the world is your oyster [Ed. Note: don't use oysters])


1. in a small bowl combine milk and vinegar. set aside and allow to curdle. ew. curdle.

2. in a large bowl whisk together the dry ingredients

3. add milk mixture and remaining ingredients to the dry. fold in the add-on stuff that makes it all your own. mix it real good!

4. spoon, or roll like i did, wads of the dough into a greased muffin tray.

5. bake at 350 degrees for about 13 minutes for mini muffins. jumbo size, idk. let's say about 25 minutes.

6. let them cool before removing. i used one of those starbucks lid stoppers to pop them out. it worked like a charm!

7. bòn apetìt!

ciao m&m's! i am finally rid of you. and i'm out too.

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