holiday card photo day!

so a few weekends ago my best friend jenny was kind enough to take a billion photos of us for our holiday photo card. she even helped pick the location, a beautiful block in the gaslamp district of san diego. the weather was perfect, overcast but not windy, chilly but not freezing.

so we had that on our side.

it was still the craziest five minutes ever! and it was literally five minutes. nothing good was coming out of any of us after that. the whole act of posing is really out of comfort zone so we admittedly just kind of suck at this. i was really worried it just wasn't going to happen. max + knox were being stubborn about looking at the camera, perhaps being shy with auntie jenny. i was having issues masking the tendency to roll my eyes. josh meanwhile looked like a movie star in EVERY SINGLE FRAME. he is probably the reason we were able to pick a winner. i'm still shocked we pulled it off. some of the shots look insane. also hilarious. i will share our holiday card on the blog on christmas day but in the meantime here are a few of my favorites from our little photo shoot.


can you guess which one we picked?


and the shoot after the shoot!


thanks again jenny for being so patient with us! and now you know first hand that the struggle for a family photo card is REAL. but we did it! love you jenny.

happy holidays guys!

PS! see last year's christmas card here and photo shoot day here!!

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