about that reveal

day 1

in anticipation of announcing my blog and to keep myself from chickening out i have decided to play a reveal game. each day i will post a letter on instagram and facebook until the name of my blog is spelled out. that gives me 13 days. today is day 1.

day 2

maybe further explanation is necessary here. by the time anyone reads this my secret will be exposed. HELLO SUNSHINE will have made it's debut. and it ain't a cat. or a dog. or a house. or a move. it's a BLOG. people may or may not want to beat me up. but right now it's day 2. 11 days left to go.

day 3

dang. what have i gotten myself into.

ugh. i'm going to bed.

day 4

i didn’t immediately regret my haste. i am naturally a hasty person. a professional haster. and let's be honest. teasers and clues are fun. driving my friends crazy has become a guilty pleasure. but as the guesses and comments stream in so does the self-doubt. crap. what if people are disappointed? or just whatevs. big deal, some reveal. would have been cooler had it been a house or a dog. the impetus of this game could potentially backfire. game over, now what. the pressure to deliver something (hopefully) pretty great is on. or at least worth two weeks of hype. 

10 days left to go. not too late to back out. make up something else. maybe enough time to talk josh into letting me get a cat....

day 5

josh is definitely not letting me get another cat. shit.

day 6

the troops are getting restless.

day 7

i'm getting pretty nervous but writing every chance i can get. after years of flirting with blogging i was finally going to do it. gulp. was i really ready? hell no. i really like starting things i never finish. that i'm good at. never finished a to-do list. can barely watch a movie in one sitting. so i'm sure to muck things up here at some point. but isn't that kind of fun too? learning by fucking up while everyone is watching? i can still not finish to-do lists but i can't keep not writing. even if people hate my blog or just think it's ok, i am already so in love with this. sharing my penchant for stripes, pizza and photo filters. i just want to pretend that's what life is all about my pretties. not innocent children washing up drowned on the beach or fighting cancer or having to make any decision harder than getting out of bed in the morning. rants welcome here. HELLO SUNSHINE is open and is all EARS.

day 8

someone guessed it! emma i owe you a beer!

day 9

the jig is almost up. thank god. i am ready.

day 10

the suspense! readyreadyready.

day 11

boy, that took a long time. what took so long?


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