supermom to the rescue!!


'you never know' is something i never say.

i always know that something requiring a thirst quenched, a hunger satiated or a tantrum soothed can happen without warning. and that something is always on me. so i am on it. you parched? i got your water bottle and then some. you hungry? here, have some trail mix. if nothing happens well, great. but at least i was prepared. i mean, haven't some of us had that time when the kid had a massive blowout and it was the ONE time you forgot the diaper bag or change of clothes? hand raised right here! it feels crappy. PUN INTENDED.

but ok, being on it all the time is like impossible, right? instead i prep for disaster, aka a meltdown. i didn’t know how much being thirsty would really upset a person until i had children. GEEZ. i have my crisis supplies everywhere.  emergency crackers here, a toy there and a couple of water bottles ready to go. while out-and-about is when being prepared really comes in handy. but sometimes you just slip and forget that one thing that you needed the most. because if you're anything like me, you're always rushing out the door or forgetting to get the one thing you actually went to target for. though i know i'm not alone on THAT one.

dang you target.

my solution is to have mom-to-the-rescue bags packed, ready and in the every aspect of the house: the kids' room, the stroller and the car. so wherever we are or are going, the rescues are ready. that way i don't forget something last minute. this proved especially helpful during our holiday a few weeks ago. i bought an assortment of dop-kit sized baggu bags to separate the items into categories to make them easier to find. time can really be of the essence sometimes, LOL.

a few things i like to have handy...


for the kids

travel-sized games  // stickers // wipes // tide stick pen to-go // vitamin c lollipos // fruit leathers // water bottle // cups + straws // cheese crackers, string cheese, cheese cheese // change of clothes

for the big kid, aka josh (he is always forgetting stuff, too!)

lip, hand + body salve // hand lotion // hat // socks

for me

backpack // sunnies // altoids // face wipes // hand sanitizer // lipstick // headphones // reusable bags

it may seem like a lot to carry at one time, and it kind of is. but that's what makes me a supermom! it takes super strength to carry everything! 

hope you found this helpful guys. i'm out!



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