gifts for the ladies

who needs help shopping for lady pals? or just wants to look at a bunch of cute stuff i've found for us to ogle. ok well, take this post for what you will. a guide to gifts for her, or a short list of super cute stuff a girl like myself would love to unwrap christmas morning. enjoy!

1. this beanie is seriously cute.

2. fuji instax mini 8 instant film camera because i love all things tiny and instantaneous.

3. mini album  to go with!

4. in love with this fresh perfume in citron.

5. m train because is anyone cooler than patti?

6. totally unnecessary key ring.

7. totally necessary legwarmers.

8. lip butter. all girls love a good lip shine.

9. chiffon skirt filed under PRETTY.

10. iphone back up because we are all too busy and always on our phones.

11. riding hat because poms!

12. i never really buy pajamas and just expect people to get me a set for christmas because it just tends to happen every year.

13. did you know i have a yellow mug collection? this would make a great addition.

14. classic check scarf. can't go wrong with the classics.

15. awesome orangey red nail polish.

16. sparkly joggers filed under FUN!!!

well that was fun. and in case you missed it, check out my gifts for kids guide here. guides for the guys and errbody else coming soon. good luck shopping for the ladies! i'm out!

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