goo goo goo

lower east side, new york, circa summer of 2008

lower east side, new york, circa summer of 2008

hey goo. this is for you. for loving me. and sharing the same favorite band. and all the love that can fit into two humans and make my fucking cheeks burst with all the goooey gooey good. stuff. hi eight years. hey goo. let's keep sticking like glue and keep asking, what's new? oh goo goo goo.

this is for you boo. man, i can't stop loving you.

for the rest of you, today is our original anniversary. we made it every first friday in december, the night of our first real date, which consisted of awkward conversation over thai food followed by dive drinks and heavy small talk. i think we even danced a little. anyway, that was eight years ago, and joshuamichaelcheek! has been making me smile + laugh this big every since. and we still love sonic youth. and skinny ties. and new york... and awkward thai.. and dive bars... and first fridays in december.

we're (makin') out. happy friday sunshines...


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